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Ferrari 488 GTB


Ferrari 488 GTB rent Dubai

Supercar hire Dubai offers the Ferrari 488 GTB rent Dubai, the last chapter of Maranello’s love affair with open-top V8 sports cars.
The result is the most powerful and innovative Ferrari Spider ever built, a vehicle that combines. The extraordinary power of the Ferrari 488 GTB rental rears central V8. Moreover with the pleasure of tackling the toughest roads in the midst of colors and colors.
The maximum power output of 670 horsepower. And the fluid and progressive torque transmission provided by the variable. The torque management system for the highest gears allows the Ferrari 488 GTB in 8.7 seconds.

Ferrari 488 GTB rental Dubai:

Great class, sportiness, extreme power, and strong emotions!

Forty years after Ferrari’s first rear-engined V8 Berlinetta, the 308 GTB, the Prancing. The horse begins writing a new chapter in its 8-cylinder saga. The Ferrari 488 GTB returns to the sources of the original model, GTBreferring to at “Gran Turismo Berlinetta”. An exceptional engine and modern aerodynamic. Elements combined with optimized dynamic controls. Allow Ferrari road cars to compete almost with circuit-approved models. However, the new car not only delivers unparalleled performance. But also manageable and controllable power, even by the less experienced drivers.

The Ferrari 488 GTB rent Dubai, its sculptural lines, and identifiable sounds will seduce you and leave the memory of your passage.

To take full advantage of these “hair-raising” performances, contact us and book your rent Ferrari 488 Dubai cheap with Excellence.


The Ferrari 488 gtb rental Dubai, is equipped with a V8 engine supercharged by two turbo compressors. That brings the power to 670 hp and 8000 rpm.

Its reworked design suggests a more aggressive front. Its aerodynamic design gives it 50% more support. Compared to the 458, while reducing the drag.

The Ferrari 488 rental Dubai is the new icon of the prancing horse brand, with its new V8 engine. Developing670 horsepower it will show its indomitable side. Even more aggressive than its little sister the 458 Italia. The rent Ferrari 488 GTB Dubai will surpass itself in all circumstances. be careful not to let go of the queens because of its lightning efficiency.

Who should rent a Ferrari

What do women and children think first when it comes to naming a real sports car? Right, a red Ferrari ! this perfectly drawn Grazie no longer guaranteed on the seats. A Ferrari has always been something very special, it trumps its competitors alone in immeasurable values ​​such as prestige and aura. Even the mid-engine racer Ferrari hire Dubai 488 GTB makes no exception and is not an artificially trained pseudo athlete but after a real representative of the Scuderia.

Who has finally managed, not to be blinded by all the outside beauties and takes for the first time in the dimensionally cut cockpit, can still almost always believe his luck, because Ferrari rent can be addictive even in the state. How pushes this Biturbo V8 leaves even the legendary ancestor Ferrari F40 to look pretty pale! Of course, the 488 GTB rental Dubai not only straightforward can be incredibly fast but is especially in curves a scalpel-like precision instrument. Here, true to the F1 tradition of the past, driver, and car are still a real entity, on the hunt forever new lap records.

It should be known that it is not uncommon to drive unobtrusively in a mid-engined sports car. However, those who drive up in a Ferrari 488 GTB experience mostly scenes like after winning a football World Cup: Wild gesturing passers-by, children with tunnel vision and languishing ladies are just a few aspects that a Ferrari causes. In addition to all sorts of sportiness and showmanship, the 488 GTB Dubai can now also do what many of its predecessors failed to do: an excellent travel companion, also on the way to and not only on the racetrack. What more do you want!?

How can I rent this car?

To Rent this car you need to fill up the booking form and click on request for booking, we promise to contact you as soon as possible. once we contact you, we will ask you for basic information and pictures of your license, and then we will confirm your booking.

* You can always contact us by WhatsApp: +971 56 709 2795 for a prompt response.

Good To Know

we will deliver the car to your desired location, Car rent and the deposit will be done while you are receiving the car.

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