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Exotic Car Rental Dubai

Exotic Car Rental Dubai

Rent Your Dream Exotic Car Rental in Dubai

Sports & Luxury Car Rental Dubai

Exotic car rental in Dubai is a popular service that allows tourists and locals to experience the thrill of driving some of the world’s most luxurious and high-performance vehicles. The city of Dubai is known for its opulence and extravagance, and it is fitting that exotic car rentals are readily available for those who wish to indulge in the luxury lifestyle.

Dubai is a city of superlatives and extravagance, and the same applies to its car rental industry. There are numerous exotic car rental companies in Dubai, offering an array of high-end vehicles that cater to every taste and preference. From Lamborghinis and Ferraris to Bentleys and Rolls Royces, the choices are endless.

One of the most popular reasons why people opt for exotic car rentals in Dubai is to experience the thrill of driving a high-performance vehicle. Exotic cars are known for their speed, power, and handling, and driving one on the wide, well-maintained roads of Dubai can be an exhilarating experience. Whether you are a car enthusiast or just looking for a unique and exciting way to explore the city, an exotic car rental can be an unforgettable experience.

Another reason why exotic car rentals are popular in Dubai is that they provide an opportunity for tourists and visitors to experience the luxury lifestyle that the city is known for. Dubai is home to some of the most luxurious hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls in the world, and driving an exotic car is just another way to indulge in the opulence of the city. Exotic cars are not just about speed and performance; they are also about style, sophistication, and exclusivity.

When it comes to renting an exotic car in Dubai, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, it is important to choose a reputable rental company that offers a wide selection of high-quality vehicles. This will ensure that you have access to the latest models and that the cars are well-maintained and in good condition.

Secondly, it is important to consider the rental rates and the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Exotic cars are expensive to rent, and the rates can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the rental duration, and the rental company. It is important to compare rates from different rental companies and to read the rental agreement carefully to avoid any surprises or hidden fees.

Thirdly, it is important to have the necessary documentation and insurance in place before renting an exotic car. Most rental companies require a valid driver’s license and a credit card for security purposes. Some companies may also require additional documentation, such as proof of insurance or an international driver’s permit. It is important to check with the rental company beforehand to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation and insurance in place.

Finally, it is important to be aware of the driving laws and regulations in Dubai. The city has strict traffic laws and regulations, and driving an exotic car requires caution and care. Speeding, reckless driving, and other traffic violations can result in fines, penalties, and even imprisonment. It is important to obey the traffic laws and regulations and to drive responsibly at all times.

In conclusion, exotic car rental in Dubai is a popular and exciting way to experience the luxury lifestyle and the thrill of driving a high-performance vehicle. With a wide selection of vehicles, competitive rental rates, and reputable rental companies, renting an exotic car in Dubai can be a unique and unforgettable experience. However, it is important to choose a reputable rental company, compare rates and rental


Exotic Car Rental Dubai is a luxury, sport & prestige car rental service, and offers the very latest high-end models. Based in Dubai, our company responds to requests from all over UAE. Online booking is simple, easy and secure. We offer you a selection of high-end vehicles, such as Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Range Rover, Tesla and many more. Exotic Car Rental Dubai meets the highest criteria in the field of Supercar rental Dubai and offers a wide range of associated services.

Whether it is for a wedding, a birthday, an out of the ordinary getaway, or simply to make a dream come true or have fun, Best Luxury Supercar Rental is your privileged partner!

You want a medium or Long term Car rental Dubai, we will answer you on request.


Exotic Car Rental Dubai offers you luxury, prestige, sportiness, elegance, class & technology. Here are the promises of our most beautiful cars, such as the Ferrari 488 spider or the Lamborghini Urus! Rolls Royce Cullinan We also have a large selection of the best cars on the market, which will undoubtedly satisfy our most demanding customers … Do not hesitate to discover all our models available or to contact us for a special request.


In order to make the experience of driving such prestigious cars perfect, we are committed to providing you with impeccable, top-quality service. Our vehicles are particularly taken care of to welcome you and to avoid any unnecessary travel, whether it is an airport, a train station, a car park or a private address, the pick-up and drop-off locations. of the vehicle are your choice.


Be over 25 years old & have a valid license. *

Payment guarantee: 1 or 2 credit cards depending on the category of the vehicle.

Payment accepted by credit card (American Express, Visa, Mastercard)

Cash payment accepted.

* For some vehicles, we ask for a different minimum age and a higher guarantee.

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  • SuperCar Hire Dubai provided excellent customer service. They were very helpful and flexible in dealing with our complicated booking, which included last-minute changes. The vehicle was in great condition and was delivered and collected on time. I highly recommend this company for specialist vehicle hire in Dubai.
    Sean James
    Sean James
  • A very good experience. the relation costs/performance is very good. don´t have to spend time on a rental-car counter. perfect support from the office-side. it was our first time with SuperCar Rental Dubai and if the second time is the same they will get the fifth star from my side.
    Gerald Jeitler
    Gerald Jeitler
  • The experience was amazing. I drove a Rolls Royce Dawn for one day during my holiday in Dubai and was unforgettable. Delivery service was very good, in time, and the agent told me everything I need about the car (driving advertisement, items and facts's car, several drive function, how to start up for example). I will choose again this agency because the experience was really positive. Thanks so much Dawn car rental Dubai!
    Richard Dermody
    Richard Dermody
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