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Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Edition

Rent Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Edition Dubai

Rent Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Edition Dubai

Rent Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Edition Dubai. We have a power of 630 horses.
The rent Mercedes g class Dubai officially unveiled the GT 63 S Edition Rental Dubai. To impress us with its exceptional design and 630 horsepower. And marked this car with the normal version of parts of an external aerodynamic catcher on the side of the front air vents. Moreover, large rear air and superb distributor as a distributor in addition to the sports pavilion. Which covers the luggage air inlets on the cover side. In addition, the rear trunk on the bumper, and will help these parts aerodynamically to strengthen the lower pressing force for stability.

Moreover, the car is painted gray with the AMG logo on the bottom side. Light gray racing lines on the cover. Moreover, roof and back cover, and four square outlets on the sides and 21 “black and silver trim.

The Interior received this weaving from the car and the yellow seat belts and black Nappa leather doors. In addition to the sports seats and the center console and quad wheel. Drive ribs covered with Alcantara leather and carbon fiber. Which adorns the doors in front of the front and the center console, and elegant peripheral lighting.

Moreover, under the cover of this wild car, there is a twin-turbo V8 engine with a capacity of 4 liters. Capable of producing 630 and 899 Newton horsepower per meter of torque. And displaces the power of this engine. To all four wheels via the total propulsion system for the wheels. Moreover, Via a 9-speed automatic gearbox can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.3 seconds and at an electronically defined maximum speed of 250 km / h.

Drive in a current and flawlessly maintained vehicle:

A breakdown, a coincidence, a robbery? You benefit from immediate assistance 24/7 and a relay vehicle up to 30 days according to the conditions provided for in the assistance agreement.

Your uses are evolving! Modify your contractual duration and / or mileage transparently according to the conditions on your general rental conditions.

After the well-known Mercedes SLS coupé and roadster. Mercedes and amg have released at some point in the 2014 Paris motor display the Mercedes-Amg gt, a new game automobile version.

The centerpiece of the Mercedes-amg gt, the brand new four.0-litre v8 Biturbo, responds instantly with intense electricity right from low revs and promises brilliant performance. Top figures such as 3.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and a top pace of 310 km/h, mixed with the superb riding dynamics will surely translate into extremely rapid laps on the racetrack. At the same time, the two-seater is straightforward, at ease and dependable accomplice for regular.

The way to hire a reasonably-priced Mercedes amg?

The Mercedes AMG is a range of cars designed by the former German preparer of the manufacturer Mercedes-Benz but became a subsidiary of the brand since the late 90s. It currently has around fifteen models with more than 500 horsepower, some even exceeding 600 horsepower, a performance never achieved by any other manufacturer to date. It is but viable to rent them from Mercedes amg apartment organization including supercar hire Dubai.

Use it if you want to experience the pleasure of driving a rental Mercedes AMG. Kirigami proposes to find for you the cheapest Mercedes AMG rental price in all of Dubai and around the UAE.

The characteristics of the Mercedes AMG models for hire:

Not content to manufacture models of sporty and efficient vehicles. The manufacturer rent Mercedes g class Dubai has constantly advanced them technically speaking. In addition, this has given an upward push to tremendous cars, of which we give you a small assessment of the features right here.

rent Mercedes g class Dubai:

The 2 v8 fashions of the new Mercedes-amg gt four-door coupe can now be ordered.

The most useful will observe in overdue autumn 2018. The amg gt 63 4matic + and amg gt sixty-three s 4matic + (blended gas intake: 11.three-11.2 l / a hundred km. Moreover, Mixed co2 emissions: 257-256 g / km) powerfully motorized, for driving dynamics and driving overall performance. At the very best level. As another series developed independently by Mercedes-AMG. The new AMG GT models combine unique design, high comfort, and outstanding sports car technology with an athletic, four-door fastback layout.


How can I rent this car Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Edition rental Dubai?

To Rent this car Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Edition Rental in Dubai you need to fill up the booking form and click on request for booking, we promise to contact you as soon as possible. once we contact you, we will ask you for basic information and pictures of your license, then we will confirm your booking.

* You can always contact us by WhatsApp: +971 56 709 2795 for the prompt response.

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