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Mercedes A200

Mercedes A200 Hire Dubai from Supercar hire Dubai

With Supercar hire Dubai you can book the popular Mercedes-Benz A200 Hire car for your vacation or business trip. The notchback sedan from the Swabian manufacturer impresses with its dynamic appearance and comfortable equipment. In 2008, the mid-range car was voted vehicle of the year by the ADAC members, and the Hire Mercedes c class Dubai is also a very popular model among Hire cars. No surprise, because at the start look you could see what the sedan has to provide. The Mercedes A200 Hire Dubai is immediately recognizable by the long bonnet and short overhangs. The classic shapes complement by a striking wide rear. The interior also does what the exterior promises, making every ride in the popular limousine a pleasure for all occupants.

Hire Mercedes A200 Dubai as a sporty sedan

The C-Class is therefore significantly sportier than the previous models. A new chassis ensures more dynamism and the engine variants on offer also have a lot to provide. The c-Class is available each as an easy-going for walks petrol engine and as a cost-effective diesel. If you Mercedes A200 Hire Dubai, it’s far worth taking a longer experience. On country roads and highways, because the car shows all its strengths over long distances.

A Mercedes A200 Hire Dubai offers you the full comfort of a limousine. In addition to the high-quality workmanship and plenty of storage space for all occupants. The A-Class also offers comfortable technical solutions. Such as the head-up display and the free-standing central display above the center console.
The new A-Class version is around 100 kilos lighter. This not only reflect in improved fuel consumption. But also, thanks to the lower center of gravity, in more agile driving characteristics.
With ABS, the attention assistant, several airbags for driver and front passenger. And the ADAPTIVE BRAKE system, the C-Class also ensures a high level of safety and carefree driving pleasure.

“Baby-Benz” is growing up

Mercedes has always been known as a specialist for upscale mid-range and luxury cars. The predecessor of the A-Class was the Mercedes 190, which had been manufacture since 1982. And was smile at as the smallest model in the Mercedes family as “Baby-Benz”. But over the years the smaller Mercedes, later developed into the A-Class. became the most popular and best-selling car from the Stuttgart-based automaker.

Hire a Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Hiring the Mercedes-Benz, A-Class is a decision this is rewarded with a reliable and versatile Hire vehicle. Reliable because the Hire Mercedes A class Dubai has been part of the Mercedes-Benz mid-range range since the early 1990s. And, thanks to German engineering know-how, has been able to convince technically with every new generation. A Class Hire car is versatile because, on the one hand, Mercedes-Benz equips the vehicle with details within the indoors. Which are regarded from the costly s-class, however at the same time manages. The balancing act, yet still makes it suitable for everyday use.

Classic design in combination with powerful driving behavior

It’s a more classic design that will catch your eye when you Hire a Mercedes-Benz A-Class. The headlights of the current generation are angular and are only slightly pulled back at the corners. The distinctive Mercedes-Benz star is integrated into the grille on most models. The powerful performance and various auxiliary systems, inclusive of (depending on the gadget). The speed warning system and the lane departure warning system, come into action. By the way, a particularly agile driving mode can be activated at the push of a button. On the Sport Coupé. Just the right thing on winding roads in the Glatt Valley north of Zurich. If the car with the star jaggedly takes every curve, you can understand.

First choice for romantic weekend trips for two

The A-Class is the right vehicle for a romantic weekend trip. For example to a chic hotel in Lugano or Zurich. So in case you want to wonder about your beloved with a romantic weekend experience, the A-Class is the right choice. The trunk volume is 480 liters and may elevate by way of folding down the rear seat.

The version records of the c-class

In 1993 the Mercedes-Benz A-Class came available on the market as the successor to the Mercedes-Benz 190. The second generation, which started in 2000, visually stood out due to the “torn” and rounded headlights. Those have been therefore often referring to as “fried egg” spotlights. The current era gives Mercedes-Benz a dynamic look.


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Mercedes A200
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